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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Getting Ready for Job Interviews Already

Next week I start observing in a classroom in a school in Niagara Falls. I know what school, I know what day I don't know what grade or who the teacher is yet. It is like getting an early Christmas gift and knowing you can't open it until Christmas Morning. I am looking forward to it, but am a little fearful of it too. Maybe it is because there is still so many unknowns about my placement.

I will have to keep a journal about my experiences. Plus several of my classes have projects based on our learn & serve placement. This semester I will have at least 75 hours of classroom experience. I also will have about 20 hours of tutoring to put on my resume.

I also found out today that when I go to Thailand 20 hours will be added to my Learn & Serve time, which will also look good on my resume. It looks like we will have a chance to teach at one of the local school there. I am really looking forward to going to Thailand. One of the places we visit will be where the Tsunami hit. B was born on the same day as the Tsunami and maybe that is one of the reason's I am drawn to what happened that day halfway around the world. All those lost lives on the day I was adding a life to the world.

One of the things I love about this Master's program is everything builds on everything else to help us get a better job. Our major projects will be showpieces of what we are capable of to bring along to a job interview. We participated in a webfrence which is an online conference. This one was about new ideas of how to better teach our students to read.

We are not even three weeks into the semester and already we are focusing on job interview and things we can do to prepare ourselves for the teaching job market. I have been to two different colleges and neither one spent any time on really preparing us for the job market as much as Niagara seems to be doing.

I can only hope that as I continue through the program I continue to get experience so in a little over a year when I start hitting the job market I will stand out as one of the better candidates out there for the teaching jobs that are available.

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