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Sunday, October 18, 2009

My Wild Things Birthday

This weekend I turned 42. Not a milestone but I can't help but notice that I am creeping towards 50. So how did I celebrate growing older? I went to Build A Bear and my family bought me a teddy Bear. My daughter was in charge of stuffing the bear and picked out just the right heart to put inside. Both kids also picked out sounds to add to their bears, Bobby Ore and Pink A Dot. I love going into Buld A bear. Even all grown up I can't help but love a fluffy soft squishy stuffed animal.

On Saturday we went to watch "Where the Wild Things Are". I am a huge fan of the book and now I am a huge fan of the movie. I was worried about how they would stretch it into a movie. They added a nice storyline to the movie. We also got some backstory to Max. We went to a Sensory Friendly showing of the movie so the lights were up and the audience could make noise and walk around. This is such a nice way to watch movies with children. It really gives them the freedom they need to enjoy a movie.

The kids had a parade going around the theater while the movie was playing. I watched my children meet other children and mingle with them. They would sit down in different parts of the theater to see how the movie looked from that location. While doing all this they were following the movie and we had a great conversation about it.

Before we went to the movie we read the book and made predictions of what would happen in the movie. Some of what my kids thought would happen did happen in the movie and we talked about that on the way home. We also talked about what the Wild Things did when Max left. It is fun listening to them use their imaginations. They really got a lot out of the movie.

I also managed to take a nap on Saturday. I woke up to a beautifully decorated Birthday cake and my family sang "Happy Birthday" to me. I cut the cake and B took the knife out since she has the next birthday in my family. My parents called to wish me a happy birthday and said they would buy me the DVD of "Where the Wild Things Are" when it is released.

So I guess I celebrated my growing older with a journey back to my youth. It was a wonderful birthday and I hope the year will be as good if not better.

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