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Monday, November 9, 2009

Chocolate After Bedtime

Sunday bedtime is always an adventure. After two days of later bedtimes the return to bedtime at eight can be the cause of tension between the kids and I. Tonight was another night of "I don't wanna go to bed now" from P and B. I finally read to B, and P read to both of us. Snacks were eaten. I tucked each one in after I asked our night time question. "Is there anything you want to talk about, anything that makes you happy, mad, sad or glad." Every night I get some fun answers to that one.

Well, tonight we went through it all. I finally turn the TV on to watch my shows that I don't watch while they are awake. I am on my bed because the shows are DVRed on the bedroom Tv and The kids rooms are right next to my open door. The hall light is off and I am watching the Amazing Race. All of a sudden I see movement. I see my son walking back to his room from the kitchen. He knows he is busted so he tries to sneak into the bathroom. I guess he was going to say that is why he is out of bed.

Uhm, no I see that he is clearly coming out of the kitchen and he has that look on his face. All parents know the look. It is the smile they use that is so darn cute to try to save them from being yelled at because they know they did something wrong and maybe you won't be able to figure it out. Yes, that is the look on his face, as he gets closer I see dirt on his face. Now I smell chocolate. I put two and two together and I know he was eating hot chocolate mix.

Next I don't even have to look, but I know there is chocolate on the floor in the kitchen. Is there a mess in the kitchen and I love the answer he gave me. "No, well not a big one. Well, it isn't on the stove, or the counter. I need a broom mommy!!" Finally the mess is clean and now it is almost 10 pm at night and I look at my son, covered on chocolate powder and the sad conclusion is he needs a bath.

So I don't know how he managed to sneak past me originally, but I might have to rethink the hall light being off at bedtime. I now have found a new hopefully well hidden spot for the hot chocolate mix and hopefully this will be the last chocolate at bedtime adventure for a while.

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