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Thursday, September 18, 2014

I Never Thought I Would...

I went WHERE?  I enjoyed WHAT?

Yes, I went to a speedway; cars racing, fumes filling the air, the sound of engines in my ears.  If you had asked me even a few weeks ago if I would ever go to a speedway or dare I say it even enjoy it I would have laughed in your face.  But in our lives we change and meet people who effect us.  In this case I met someone who introduced me to car racing.  I know I have had friends that were interested in racing before, why this friend was the one who managed to introduce me to the sport, who knows?  Maybe I needed a change, I know my life has been filled with chaos recently so maybe I needed to controlled chaos of car racing?  Who knows?
I did also recently move and it turns out there is a track near to where I moved too.  Well, to be fair there was one near my last home as well but I never went there.  So on my first payday from my new
job I splurged the $20.00 and treated us to a night at the races.

We entered the track and were greeted with the usual warning sign companied by a NO PROFANITY sign.  There were many children there and a few dogs as well.  The track was made of dirt and as we arrived trucks and cars were slowly driving on the track.  We assumed it was to smooth the track down.  Basically they were like Zambonis for dirt.  Of course we listened to and sang the National Anthem before the racing began.  It was a recording, no singer inside the oval, we just had to know the words.  A few announcements followed and then the racing began.  
The first cars were small sprint cars.  They were adorable, though I bet their drivers wouldn't
appreciate their cars being called that.  The engines sounded like bees in tin can, a high pitched sound that got louder as they approached, The doppler effect in action.  Yes I still love my science.  They moved around so fast we couldn't get a clear photo of them.

The first few races were qualifiers.  To see where each driver would be placed for the feature races that would end our day at the races.  It was amazing to see them go around so fast and with such skill that there were not many accidents, or incidents as I am told they are called.  When an incident occurs a yellow flag is waved and the race is put on pause.

Some of the incidents were spectacular and cars flipped.  Luckily the drivers were okay.  Others involved more than one car and a few drivers tempers were also involved.  The track handled it all with ease, fire trucks, rescue and tow trucks were there rapidly and cleared the track off so the racing could begin again.  The cars started in the same order they were in prior to the incident.  Some drivers got a bit confused but eventually with some help they found their spots.

The evening was more fun that I could have imagined.  I was sure I would be bored but for some reason I enjoyed myself.  Maybe it was the company?  Who knows.  Still I never thought I would go to a speedway let alone enjoy myself.  I guess this proves that I am ever evolving and coming up with new beginnings.  I have to say I like finding new things to enjoy.  It sure keeps life interesting.

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