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Friday, October 17, 2014

It's my Birthday and I am Taking Charge of Who I am

Today is my birthday, I turn 47.  I'm getting closer to 50. Sigh!  Guess what I do t care.  I a, taking this year, 47 to become me again. Last year I left my ex and he still calls me to help him solve problems. I took care of my Dad, who has dimentia and my mom who started with two brain bleeds and finally after nine months her body just gave up.

I have gotten flack from my family because I got sick and left to recover physically and mentally.  I have discussed it with the, and they want nothing to do with my point of view.  So today is the day I dp say screw it!  I've taken care of others for so long I have forgotten how to take care of me and be me,

This is supposed to be about my New Beginnings. So here is my next one. I am going to find myself and embrace who I am this year.  I joined a Druid organization to expand on my studies.  I am part of our local Pagan Pride Committee and and hoping to expand my role with them. I an part of a. New unified pagan organization in our community that in just a few weeks has become a huge unifying force in outer community.

I am working on becoming a priestess, my calling has always been to be religious clergy. Now I have the opportunity to finally achieve it.

I went to the top of a mountain to be with nature on my birthday. To feeling was Fantastic


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