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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Great Stove Battle

     A few years back, I am honestly not sure when, I wanted a new stove.  We had an electric stove and I wanted gas.  I love to cook and wanted a better stove.  You may have noticed that I used the word I here.  That is because it was for me.  I found it, a friend of mine was selling it because she was moving out of state.  I saved up for it and I bought it.  I told my ex it only cost $50 because it was the only way he would have allowed me (remember he controlled the finances and he didn't know I had this money saved).  I arranged for it to be moved, I had it installed.  The stove was mine!

     When I left my ex, I took the bed but I left the stove because my children still lived in the house and I wasn't so vindictive that I would take the main source of cooking out of the house.  I always told him I would get my stove when there was a replacement.  I have mentioned this to him a few times and the last time he changed from his usual grunt to the stove was marital property and I had no claim to it.

     Now that my father passed away, my parents stove would be sold and is almost as good as MY stove.  It is a gas stove, just not a convection stove like mine.  I let my ex know when the estate was finalized I would bring that stove in and take my stove.  I felt I was being fair.  Of course he thinks I deserve nothing from our marriage so I should have known this wouldn't end well.

     You would have thought I told him I was going to commit a murder.  He told me that he wouldn't allow me to have the stove and he would rather destroy it before I got it.  I give up.  Let him have the stove.  I fully intend on bringing a sledge hammer, blow torch or whatever he needs for him to destroy the stove.

     And it he does I will record it and/or the aftermath of his deed.  For him to destroy a stove to keep me from having it is quite possibly the most pretty and most reveling act.  It lets me know I was right to leave him.  It hurts that he would do something so vicious to me.  I stand up to him and he gets more and more unstable in my opinion.

     Of course he screams at me as I leave the house.  And I feed into it.  I should just disengage.  But I look him in the eye and make sure he knows I am not scared of him anymore.  He has no more power over me.  It is just a stove.  But, other than my children, it is the last part of me in that house.  He got rid of our furniture and offered me it before he got rid of it.  Of course he knew I didn't want it.  I had no place to put it.  The phone is out of his control.  The stove is the last hold he has on me.

     Honestly I hope he does destroy it, that will just show the world what kind of person he is.  Does anyone have a sledge hammer or blow torch?  I'll pop the popcorn so we can watch!  And I will be recording it in case anyone misses it.

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