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Saturday, November 7, 2015

And Now it's a Printer

     He bought the kids a new computer.  Okay, technically it was his mother who both it with the money from the education fund she established for the kids.  The computer that he is using to write his masterpiece, a book about the Saskatchewan Roughriders and how he became a fan of theirs.  So he is getting utility from it.  But it supposed to be there for the kids to do homework.  Have refused to buy a printer.  A printer that would allow the kids to print their homework when done at home and bring it to school.  A printer that would allow them to be more prepared for school.  He originally told me that he didn't get one because they didn't work well with the iMac.

     So while cleaning out my parents house we found a printer that works with a Mac, it even has to software with it.  All it needs is ink.  It fit the previously assumed criteria.  Assume because that is what he told me.  So I, as a mother who wants my children to excel in school thought perfect!  Just what I need.

     I told my ex-husband I had a printer for the kids all he needed to do is buy ink.  You would have
thought that I asked him to know his arm off at the elbow.  He had a hissy fit because ink cost money and he doesn't make much money.  I'm so tired of this excuse as I see him bring home pair after pair of Nike sneakers.

     I remind him that it is for the kids and if the printer is to be at his house with the computer he really should be the one to buy the ink as I will not be using it and it is not at my house.  He wanted custodial custody of the kids!  He wanted to keep them in the same school district.  I agreed.  It made sense.  He really just wants the control and he keeps it this way.  The more control I take the more unreasonable he is.

     His argument now is 1. Ink cost too much, yes it is costly but it is necessary.  2. Other parents of children in the district either don't have a computer or don't have a printer.  (So what, other parents in the district are not me and their children are not my children.) 3. His mother has to get a new printer every couple years.  Yes, it happens and they cost much less than the new computer you just got when the old one worked.  It just wasn't pretty anymore and needed a memory cleaning.

     The thing is I am the one who has to run to Kinko's to get our son's homework printed.  He could print it at school, but he can't remember to hand in homework that is already done.  The odds of him remembering to print something and then hand it in are not good. His track record supports this.  He gets better every year.  So maybe when he graduates from high school he will finally have it down and not only do his homework but hand it in as well.  He needs adult supervision to do his homework.  So he need adult supervision to print.  I am that adult.  I also and the one person in the family that knows the most about the computer.  That isn't saying much, however.

     So I'm bringing the printer in, I'm connecting it to the computer.  I'll buy the ink but I will hold onto the power cord.  If I am buying the ink for the kids to use I will be the one who controls who prints.  He will not be printing out his book in progress on the contraband printer that I am bringing in so our children can do homework at home.  I know what a concept!

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