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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Help I'm Trapped in an Adult

How do people do it? How can they work, be a parent and a spouse, come home cook and clean, and have time to garden or putter around the house? Today I woke up exhausted, yesterday I woke up ready to go to bed. I couldn't manage even the simplest task. I crawled back into bed after two hours and almost cried. My kids were in school, what if they were home?

I look into the backyard of my house, the snow has melted away and revealed all the evidence of my children playing. I see a mitten next to the garage and a broom (Why? I don't think I want to know.) Some scattered legos and my kitchen tongs (So that's where they went!) are by the fence. A winter's worth of fun. Where was I? In the house, curled up into a ball.

I hurt, physically and mentally. I want to look into that yard and see a garden. I want to sit in the yard and watch my babies play. Heck I want to play. I want to chase bubbles and throw a Frisbee. There is a child in me that wants to come out and play. Unfortunately there is a hurt worn out adult in the way.

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