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Monday, September 12, 2011

Seven Dollars

It is 6:25 am, I was just woken up by a tyrant. My husband has once again called me reckless for spending just $7.00 this weekend. Yes I admit it. I spent $7.00 dollars maybe $8.00 on myself this weekend. It absolutely enrages him. He again is telling me that he is going to change banks and not give me access to any money. He tells me that I am reckless and worthless. What is worse is that he woke up our daughter tonight. She was crying and he didn't care.

He says that he is going to tell his mother on me. Seriously! What a way to wake up. I rolled over to ignore him as he stood in the doorway and glared at me. I kept expecting to hit by things he was going to throw at me, he did throw one thing at me, but I don't know what it was, it missed. I was prepared to be hit, he was that mad.

Then just went I thought he was gone he walked up to the bed and whispered in my ear "You worthless fat cow, I hope you get run over by a bus!"

So now I am awake and in tears. my daughter is back asleep. I wonder if I will be able to get a few more hours of sleep? I have been having a bad reaction to my depression meds this weekend. I have been dizzy whenever I move. It happens when I forget to take them. I was hoping sleep would help with the recovery. I guess I will just hide upstairs today and hope to stay away from his wrath. Luckily once the kids go to school he will be asleep and I can have a few hours of peace.

All this over $7.00, hopefully this week I will get a job so I can spend $7.00 and not worry about being waken up by a verbal assault. I wonder how much money he spent this weekend?

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