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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

It Isn't All Bad!

Yesterday Dad and I were talking and all of a sudden he sighed and looked at me.  He said, "You must have had a great Dad!  You are such a wonderful daughter!"  I laughed and told him that he was my dad and of course he was a great dad (Well, we had our issues during the teen years and we are both too stubborn for our own good.  Plus we push each other's buttons often, but that is besides the point!)

He said, "No, I'm not the Dad who raised you, not mentally anyway."  I almost cried.  He knows that he can't do much.  He knows he can't always verbalize what he wants to say.  He knows so much of his world has changed, but it is the world in his brain, not the world around him.

I am so glad we have this time together and that we still have things we can talk about.  I love hearing the stories from long ago that he can remember.  He told me a story last week about my Mom having to be held back so she wouldn't beat up another woman who was trying to make a play for Dad.  He described the people in detail and I could see it in my head as he told the story.  Mom was having none of her moves and was going to get her.  We visited Mom after lunch and I told her about the story and she made a fist and punching motion.  She still was having none of that.

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