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Monday, February 10, 2014

The Longest Monday

I am not a fan of Mondays.  Not for the reason you may think.  I love going to work, okay I may not love mornings but they happen every day of the week.  Mondays are the day I get the kids back after they spent Sunday with their dad.  Getting them back into my routine with them is a battle.  They try to do what they want and fight me when I play the mom card.  Luckily it usually only takes Monday to get them back into the swing of things.

Today was a double whammy.  Dad had his bladder surgery.  I was up at 6:15 am (see above to see what I think of mornings) and had Dad at the hospital at 7:01.  I got him inside and had a great parking spot.  Finally after 8 am they finally started getting Dad prepped for surgery.  Then I had to go to the waiting room.  The chairs were so uncomfortable especially with my hip that I went home for a short bit.

I spent the morning trying to find my parents security company.  I am convinced they don't exist.  I finally found their address and back to the hospital.  Since his surgery was supposed to be at 8 am and I knew he wasn't in at 9 am, I thought maybe by 1 pm his surgery would at least be started.  I walked in and found out that he still was waiting.

Then I spent the afternoon dealing with my ex, figuring out income taxes, trying to find a comfortable way to sit in those chairs and arguing with a Coke machine.  Still no Dad.  This was worse than any other Monday that I have felt with in a long time and the kids aren't even home yet.  Oh I was hungry.  I hadn't eaten much but I was told if I wash't in the waiting room the doctor  wouldn't tell me how the surgery went.  So I waited and waited and waited.  Finally when it was almost 5 pm someone came in and told me that Dad was back upstairs and getting ready to go home.  WHAT?  Where was the doctor, why didn't anyone come get me?

So I managed to get the doctor to come back and they removed 5 polyps from his bladder.  Dad was disoriented like her usually is when he goes to sleep and wakes up in the middle of the night.  Luckily my brother was there to help get him out of the hospital.  We got McDonalds on the way home and dad almost inhaled french fries on the way home.

Oh the evening was barely started and the kids came home.  Dad was grumpy and I was sleepy (I guess we were two of the seven dwarfs) and hungry.  I was about to eat when Dad threw up.  A wonderful side effect of the anesthesia.  So began my evening.  Dad is in the bathroom, B is running back and forth, upstairs and downstairs.  I was getting dizzy.  The only blessing was that P was quiet and out of the way.

Wait, P was being quiet, he even helped me take out the garbage.  Not only that but he gave me an unsolicited hug.  I'm not going to rock that boat.

Then Dad decided that he wanted to go to the Emergency Room.  I am pretty sure he is just feeling the side effects of the anesthetic, but who knows.  He can be so stubborn and he thinks that I am going to let him take a cab to the ER.  Does he not know how stubborn his daughter is?  I am his daughter after all.  I had custody of his wallet and hid the phones, there would be no cabs on my shift.

My brother came and took him to the ER, during all this B, has refused to go to bed.  She keeps telling me that she "just needs one more thing"  I am so tired and cranky and it is Monday and I just want to go to sleep.  Don't worry she is okay, but she is confined to one room and had better be going to sleep.

Now it is 11:13 and I am waiting to hear how Dad is.  I am sure it is going to be a long night but Monday is almost over.  I just hope that with the arrival of Tuesday some routine comes back.  The kids settle down (okay just B), Dad is feeling better, I am more awake and maybe even get a good nights sleep.  I am looking forward to this Monday being over.

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