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Monday, March 16, 2015

The Beginning of Closure

I signed my second batch of papers to finalize the divorce in front of the Notary.  She gave me a high five as I got up to leave.  It is strange to be so happy over the ending of a marriage.  But I am thrilled!  I want to be out of this marriage more than I wanted to be married 17 years ago.

I took his wedding band away when I discovered he was cheating on me.  I told him then that he didn't deserve the ring anymore.  I have kept that ring since then.  How long has it been?  May 31, 2011 was when I caught him cheating.  The Last Straw

Four Years!  It has taken me four years, what was my problem?  It was comfortable, it was what I was used too.  I was abused and I was in no position to get out.  June 4, 2011 (An Emotional Collapse) I took away his ring.  I have held onto that ring and refused to wear mine since then.

Today I decided that I had enough of those rings just taking up space.  I don't want to see them and I refuse to wear them.  He gave me the anniversary band on our first anniversary.  Back then he bought me gifts and back then he really loved me and cared for me.  Overtime I looked at his ring I thought of our wedding and when I looked at my ring I remembered our first anniversary and how happy we were.  I can remember where we were when he gave me it.  It is burned into my mind.  The memories just make me cry now.

So I went to a local jewelry store that advertises the fact that they pay well for jewelry you don't want anymore.  I pulled into the lot and parked.  Walked into the store and was greeted nicely by a sales person.  I explained that I had some rings I had to get rid of.  I was getting divorced and they needed to be out of my life.  He chuckled and took out a scale.  He weighed them and took a breath.  Next he explained they would be scrapped, melted down and I gleefully said good, melt them, make them go away!  He apologetically looked at me and told me I could only get $XX.xx, which was more than I thought I would get.  I could have kissed him!

The deal was made and I walked out of there with one more symbol of my marriage gone and just a little bit richer.  Good thing too, because my son managed to buy things from iTunes that he should have been able too.  I swear he is gifted at spending my money.  So instead of celebrating I had to call Apple and my bank.  Get things taken care of.  Of course the bank is quick at taking my money but not so quick at returning it.

Sigh, at least those pesky rings are gone!  Now if the judge will just sign those papers and I can have my divorce party then I will finally have my closure!

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