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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Today Was a Good Day

Today was a good day. Earlier in the evening we had a conversation about his school day. I don't know if it is because of his asperger's or him just being a typical child, but I can never get him to tell me about his school day. He shuts down if I point blank ask him about his day. He always answers with "I don't remember". So I use different ways to find out. I use different questions to get him to talk about the day. I might ask "What did you today that you were good at?" or "What did you learn today?". One of my favorites is "Is there anything you want to talk to me about, anything that makes you happy, mad, sad or glad?" We will talk about the days special class, art, music, gym or library.

Today we talked about gym. It is one of his favorite special in school and he was beaming when he was talking to me about it. Now I have heard of my different versions of tag, but this one was new to me. It makes me wonder if it really happened or is it something he made up. He told me they were playing toilet tag. If you got tagged you had to squat and have a hand up like a flusher. He had to stay that way until someone flushed you.

It was terribly funny to watch him explain the game to me. He is so expressive with his hands and facial expressions. If he really gets into talking about a subject he will bounce with excitement. He might even flap his arm's which is our cue that he is so happy and excited about that is happening. He was do all of these when he was talking about toilet tag.

Later we spent some quality time snuggling. Technically it was after bedtime but there is no school tomorrow and I take advantage of these precious times when I can. I was watching The Biggest Loser - where are they now and he couldn't find his teddy bear Bobby Oor. He is very attached to that bear and I knew he was upset that he couldn't find him. So he came into my bedroom and snuggled up to me. Yes, I was a sucker and loved that he was being all cuddly so I let him stay up with me.

He let me hug him while we watched TV. He is usually so ticklish that I can't touch him for any real length of time so I was surprised that I could put my arm around him a hug him for a long time. I was good I fought the urge to tickle him, he has such a cute laugh and the twinkle in his eye when he is laughing is priceless. He doesn't hate it, he usually will find a way to get you to tickle him again. When he has had enough he lets you know.

So here I am about to go to bed myself. I am smiling as I recall the special time with him. Tomorrow (yikes actually today) is Thanksgiving and he will be all wound up. He will run around the circle of rooms at his grandparents house, even though he knows he isn't allowed to do and will get in trouble. He will barely eat anything on his plate so he can play with the fun toys grandma has. He will be loud and be told may times to keep his voice level at 2, an inside voice. The same thing will happen on Friday at his other grandparent's house. When I want to scream at him tomorrow and Friday I will have to remember that there are good times and that today was a good day.

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