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Friday, November 20, 2009

When Their Dreams Come True

This year I can't wait until Christmas. The "secret" gift exchange that I loved is gone, replaced by donations to a charity I have no attachment to. That is no longer something I look forward to. I never get any gifts from my husband, even though I tell him exactly what I would like he never can find anything to buy me and we really don't have much extra money for gifts for us anyway. I know what my parents are giving us, I gave my mom the list. None of this is making Christmas exciting for me this year.

This year I have found the perfect gifts for my children. I have managed to get them nice gifts in past years. I saw the joy of Christmas on their faces but I was never able to get them "THE GIFT". I never could get them the gifts that they wanted. They would ask and we just couldn't get them. This year is different. I don't know how I did it, but when I could afford a large gift, well before Christmas, before they were even asking Santa for this and that and don't forget that over there I managed to pick out what they wanted.

First was P's gift. I had wanted to get him a train table for years now. He has played on them and I saw how much he enjoyed using them. I was looking for one that he could also use for his cars. Well The Christmas Tree Shop had one with in my price range so I bought it. I didn't even consult D and I should have because he isn't as in love with this gift as I am. I have it hidden out of our house so P won't find it. Now That is all P is asking for. He calls it a Car Table, and every chance he gets he asks us for it for Christmas.

For B I bought the Doll House pictured above. My father gave me a doll house when I was a teenager because I loved to collect miniatures. He stayed up many nights building it for me. I think it a parents dream with a daughter to get them a doll house. I saw a four foot high doll house for her to play Barbies in. I knew that was the one. I had it put on Lay A Way at Toys R Us. She saw it while were at the store a few days later and she fell in love with it. Now all she asks for is the doll house that I already bought for her.

I can't wait for Christmas this year because I can't wait to see the look on their faces when they see their gifts on Christmas morning. I can't wait to play cars on P's Car table. I am looking forward to playing Barbies with my daughter in her four foot high doll house. I don't care about any gifts that might be mine. I only want to see their faces when their dreams come true.

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