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Saturday, July 25, 2015

My New Beginnings Hit a Snag!

     You find out who your real friends are when you need help.  When your best friend contacts you upset because he can't help you, you know she is your friend.  She listened to me.  She let me vent and she helped me calm down and realize it will eventually be all right.  I hope she reads this and knows hoe much I value our friendship.  I have known her almost my whole life and can't imagine my life without her.  Financial hep is needed but so is emotional.  Thank you for being there for me and I understand.

     Then another friend offers to buy me groceries.  Bright and early in the morning, when I function the least, lol.   She asked me to make a list and don't be stingy.  It is nice to know that I will have food to last me for a while.

     Members of my family, by choice, they have been there for me through so much and I hope I have been there for them when they needed me, insisted on helping me financially and wouldn't take no for an answer.    They put money in my purse and made sure I took it.  I still am not out the hole I made for myself.  But because of their help with money and food again I am 1/3 closer to the minimum I need and  I have less to worry about.

     When I got home tonight I found three more rejection emails from recent job interviews.  I figure I'll just keep applying and eventually someone will need more for the hours I am available or I will finally get my own classroom.

     I still have a ways to get out of this hole that I dig for myself.  I finally looked at my bank balance and it is very negative.  Plus they fine me $6.99 everyday I don't get it above zero.  Funny when I was at zero they closed my account before I could add ore making my payday four days late.

     But when I don't have money to add they keep the account open and keep taking out $6.99 a day basically twisting the knife.  I'm a third of the way of getting my back on track again.  It feels good to know It I am doing all I can to get it back up to positive numbers.

    My ex would be all over this telling me I was stupid and irresponsible toilet it get this bad.  And he would keep telling me it over and over again until I would be in tears.  I don't need his help to feel upset I already am.

     I did start a GoFundMe account for help.  I have had someone give to that account.  I am so grateful.  My friends who help with emotional support and food I am grateful to as well.  I have five more interviews scheduled next week.  My etsy shop is almost ready to open.  I collect pop cans to  get those  precious nickels back.  I even pick up the pennies from the road.  99 more and you get a dollar.

     I will be helping my brother with a garage sale in a few weeks and hope I can see some of my things to help me close the gap even more.

     Thank you everyone who has directly helped me, emotionally, with food or financially.  I am eternally grateful.  I have always made it a point to pay it forward when I could and now people are paying it forward to me.  I really appreciate it.  You all are amazing friends and I love you all so much.

     If you can't help me on GoFundMe please consider sharing the url for it to others.

My New Beginnings Hit a Snag

     That is my daughter's art work that made it into her school's art show.  She is a wonderful artist.

I love you all!  

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