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Sunday, July 19, 2015

This is Me!

     My ex often tells me I am a loser, no one would want me, I am a slob, and I am the reason for all our problems.  I don't listen to any of it anymore.  I left him, moved out, in December 2014.  Since then I have had dated several other men.  Four that I would call relationships.  Of those four I am still in contact and on friendly terms with all of them.  In fact many that I dated will still chat with me and still are very friendly with me.  None of them ended badly, we just didn't fit well together.  None of them ended because of arguing or abuse.  None of them had issues with me being a slob.

     The only relationship I was in that involved abuse, a bad ending and any negativity was my marriage.  Before I met him I hadn't really dated many guys.  I think he was my second serious relationship.  So I didn't have a lot to compare him too.  And honestly for the first few years he worshipped the ground I walked on.

     Now that I have dated other guys I know it wasn't me.  We all hear it when people talk to you about the abuser.  They say it wasn't you.  And you listen and understand it.  But when you finally know it and believe it, it is such an A-Ha moment.

I am with someone now who treats me like a queen.  He is attentive and there for me.  Such a difference from my ex-husband, even during our good years.  I am happy and I hope this lasts.

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