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Monday, April 25, 2011


I thought I had an answer today. I thought I had a way out. I found a person who was looking for a family to help. They were offering a rent free place to live for a family in need. I contacted them and it looked like it was going to happen. I was so relieved. I could get out with the kids and not worry about how I could make it work. I could get away from him and start over. It was like a huge weight was lifted off me.

Then she found out I was in an abusive relationship and she withdrew her offer. She was sure I was going to use her help and then run back to him. I said I wasn't going to refuse him contact with the kids so she assumed I would go back to him.

Then he comes home and yells at me because the house is a mess. True I didn't clean today. So what! HSo I walked away. I went upstairs and I crawled back in bed and cried. It is all I seem to do lately. He called his mother and tattled on me. He tried to get her to kick me out of the house.

I wonder what else will happen today to make it more miserable? I can't take much more.

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