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Thursday, April 21, 2011

No More Mommies Walking on the Bed

Last night I was snuggled in my bed nice and cozy. My daughter, who was wide awake and bouncing hours after her bedtime, had finally fallen asleep next to me. I was watching a DVRed tv show and ready to fall asleep myself. Then I hear the sound. It was the sound that a firetruck makes as it is idling and earlier I had smelled smoke so my curiosity was peaked. If you remember curiosity killed the cat.

A little backstory; when we moved into this house almost a year ago we managed to squeeze our queen size mattress upstairs but the box spring absolutely did not fit through the doorway to our stairs. We could have bought a split box spring but I want to move up to a king size mattress preferably a temper-pedic type that could be squished through the small doorway. So I didn't want to spend the money on a new box spring. Since then we have just been sleeping on the one mattress on the floor. It may not be glamourous but it is functional.

Because the mattress is on the floor we have gotten into the bad habit of walking on it. I know beds are for sleeping on, but still I walk on the mattress. So last night when I hear the rumbling I stood up on the bed and walked over to the window on the other side and near the foot of the mattress. I looked out and could see nothing making the noise. Oh well, I turned around and maneuvered around my sleeping daughter. I stumbled and fell.

Next to my bed is a wooden night stand. Not a fiberboard one that you can buy in most department stores. This is old school wood and very solid. My head was aimed right for it. To my left was my sleeping daughter and to my right was my floor. Somehow I managed to twist myself to aim for the floor. I can only imagine how this must have looked. If I could have recorded it I bet that I would have won some money on one of those funny home video shows.

Why when you are falling does time seem to go so slowly? It felt like forever before I hit the ground. So many thoughts went through my head. What if I woke up my daughter? What if I knocked myself out and she didn't wake up? What if I hit my head on the night stand and die (Yeah I always leap to the worse case scenario.)? Down, down, down I fell and the floor kept getting closer.

Finally I hit the floor. I landed firmly on my right cheek. How graceful this must have looked. I was half on the floor and half on the bed. It hurt but I didn't make a noise (other than a large crash when I landed) because I didn't want to wake my daughter up. I lay still for a moment and assess myself. I broke my ankle in a fall down the stairs over a decade ago so I now expect the worse.

No horrible shooting pain, okay that is a good sign. I feel my face and there is no blood, another good sign. I can move, good. So I slowly adjust my body so I can get back on the mattress all the way. I can fell the beginings of future aches and pains in my back, hip, wrist, knee and ankle (of course it is the same one I broke). Luckily I have some Tylenol PM near by so I take a couple pills and check on my sleeping daughter.

She is still out like a light. I am glad she would have freaked out if she had seem me fall. Then it would have been another hour or two before I could get her to fall back asleep. I am back under my covers as cozy as I can be as the twinges of pain further develop. I finish the tv show and go to sleep know that when I wake up muscles I forgot I had would be reveling themselves to me and I would not want to move.

So here I am a mother of two and an adult who should know that mattresses are for sleeping on, not walking. I am always reminding my children to not jump on their bed, don't fool around on the mattress, if you fall off it will hurt. And who is the one who is hurt by falling of the bed? Yes, the Mommy! I am so embarrassed.

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