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Monday, August 8, 2011

He Lost the Kids

I had the chance to take a nap today. The last thing I said to my worse half was remember to take the kids with you if you have to go out. Seriously, It just doesn't occur to him to bring the kids with him if I am sleeping. He thinks that my presence in the house is all they need to be supervised. I keep telling him that if I am sleeping then I am not capable of supervising the kids. He has been much better about bringing the kids with him when he goes out and I am sleeping. Well, that is I haven't caught him doing it lately - until today.

It is 7:30, when I expect him to wake me up because he is going to work. I hear "L, wake up the kids are missing!" Of course I am instantly awake and I want to know what is happening. No judgement on my part. I am in full mommy mode. He explains that he told the kids that he would be right back. When he came back they were not in the house. They weren't at near by friends houses and he didn't see them as he went around the block.

Okay I take deep breaths I am not yet mad at him, okay maybe a little. Why did he leave the kids unsupervised at the house. He then tells me that he wanted to get me an anniversary card and they ruined the surprise. I take more deep breaths so I don't freak out. Seriously he left the kids unsupervised to buy an anniversary card. Our marriage is in shambles and about to end and he thought it was a good idea to leave the kids unsupervised so he could shop for a card to give me to celebrate our disaster. The only good that has come out of this marriage is the two children and you lost them!!!! Deep breath...Focus on finding the kids.

Then he picks up his lunch box and goes to the car. He is leaving for work. The last thing he says is the kids are grounded if they come home. "IF" seriously, if they come home! Who leaves for work when their kids are missing. Especially if you were the last one to see the kids. What if I need to call the police. How can they question you if you aren't here. He backs the car up and leaves.

I get my shoes on and grab my keys. I get in our other car and pray that it will limp through the neighborhood. It is on its last legs and could die at any moment. Just before I back out one of P's friends offers to help me look. He goes one way and I go the other. I go once around the block and am about to pass my house when I see my cat outside. The cat I had just put in the house. Then I see my daughter and son popping out the door. They are home and safe.

When I ask them where were they they say that Daddy gave them permission to go around the block. I believe them. He does things like that and doesn't remember that he does it. He answers questions without even knowing what they were because he wasn't focused enough to hear the question. He has admitted this to me so I know it happens.

I hope I get a job soon. Last night I applied for between 50 and 75 jobs in a school district out of state. Today they sent me more questions to answer. I filled out the application and was amazed at how many elementary education jobs they had open. They had 311 teaching jobs that needed to be filled. Where I live school districts might have one or two teaching jobs open and most have none.

Tonight when the kids go to bed I will complete the questionnaire and if all goes well they will contact me for an interview. How does an interview go when you are in a different state? Is it by phone or would I have to go there? Maybe both? The kids are upset that they might have to move, I welcome it. It would be a true new beginning. We have family near by so we wouldn't be all alone.

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  1. Out of states schools usually have panel interviews and most want to see you in person.

    North Carolina is always hiring, especially in rural districts and other southern schools. I know it's slim pickings here in ny.