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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Plethora of Postcards

It's raining postcards halleluia, it's raining postcards... Sorry that just popped into my head. Yes I am a child of the 70's. The last few days have brought us many postcards. This one was fun because it was a state that I lived in for a very short time. Using Google Maps I even was able to show my children exactly where I lived. I love street view! It looks the same, My apartment had one entrance and no windows that could open. Even the air conditioner/heater was in a cage so if there was a fire I was basically dead. the best part of living there was I had to walk or bike everywhere and I lost about 30 pounds while I was there.

Then today we received the mother load of postcards. My worse half's cousin sent the kids t-shirts and postcards from Las Vegas. WOW! I never expected anyone to send the kids anything other than postcards. P picked this Las vegas postcard to find on the map tonight. He had to know where the fountain was that was pictured on the front. The Bellagio's dancing fountains. Thankfully I knew where they were so we could find them on the map. On the way we looked at the Hoover Dam and discussed how Lake Mead was Las Vegas' water source. It is a city in a desert so there in not much rainfall. They both were fascinated by how the city suddenly became desert. It was not gradual someone must have a desert across the street from their house.

Then a friend from high school sent us an envelope full of postcards he gathered while traveling the world in the Navy, at least I think it is the Navy (I'll have to double check). I am so jealous he has been to places that I have only dreamed of going. When the kids saw all the postcards he sent us they were speechless. I should have him send us postcards more often. B saw the postcards from Egypt and knew right away what country they came from. I was such a proud mommy.

D's cousin sent us another envelope with several postcards in it. Another friend of mine sent a second one from her vacation with her daughter. Bonus, other friends let me know that they recently sent us some more. I know we have at least one coming from New Zealand. We almost have one from every continent. I wonder if there are Antarctica postcards? Probably not, but that would be so cool.

We have enough postcards now that every night P & B can pick and choose the ones they want to find find out more about. When they pick the postcards they are more interested in them and I find that they ask more questions. Tonight we discussed dams and deserts. Tomorrow who knows. But I do know we have many direction to take.

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