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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Nine Years Old

That was then...
This is now

I still remember how I felt as I walked into the hospital to give birth to my son. How can nine years have past by so quickly? It feels like it happened just the other day. I still have such a vivid image of when I first saw him in my husbands arms and how he deliberately turned his head towards me when he heard my voice. He was so tiny, not even 6 pounds even though the doctors predicted that he would be around 11 or 12 pounds. I always joked that they were off by a whole baby.

In these past nine years I have watched him grow up, I have had worry and fret over him at times but I also loved and adored him too. He was and is an active child. I heard his first sentence when he was not yet five months old, I watched him learn to walk not long after that. Since then I have always had to be on my toes. I never knew what would happen next.

So much has changed in these last nine years. He has been diagnosed with asperger's Syndrome and we have all for the most part accepted that and adjusted our world to include his. He has blossomed when participating in sports and even though I may not always hear him say "I Love You!" and don't get as many hugs and kisses as I would like I know he loves me almost as I love him.

I paused when I realized that he is becoming a young man. When did that happen? He still has a fair amount of Aspie moments and he always will but every once in a while he breaks out of the Aspie mold and shows me that he has been paying attention to me when I go Mommy on him. He has shown me that all my hard work to help him be the best person that he can be. He doesn't let Asperger's be an excuse, instead it is an asset that he can embrace and strive to be the best he can be.

He starts a new school this year, he is starting new chapters in his life. There will be new friends and new challenges. Nine years have passed and in nine more years he will be off to college. How can so many changes occur in such a small amount of time. From baby to young man in the first nine years, in the next from young man to young adult. Okay I am taking a deep breath, I think we both can handle it.

Happy birthday!!!!

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