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Monday, May 9, 2011

Random Thoughts on Mother's Day

This was my eight Mother's Day, okay ninth I celebrated Mother's Day when I was pregnant with my son.I still remember that moment when I first saw him. It felt like hours before I was allowed to hold him. I was shaking so much after he was delivered. It just wasn't safe for a few minutes. My first clear memory of him after he was born was when my husband was standing next to me holding him and he heard my voice. He deliberately turned his head and looked right at me. I never expected a newborn to be so focused and be able to control his movements like like so soon after he was born.

Almost nine years later and he still amazes me. Tonight as I was falling asleep I heard a noise downstairs. It is me and two children alone in the house. Boom, boom, boom!!! I slowly walked downstairs and the light is on in the kitchen. I know I turned it off and I sheepishly call out "Who is in the kitchen?" I was hoping to hear my husbands voice, maybe he got home from work early. Nope. I hear my son answer "It's me!" He was thirsty and wanted to fill up his water bottle. He couldn't disconnect our portable dishwasher. Poor kiddo! All he wanted was a simple glass of water and was so upset that he couldn't get it.

Mommy saved the day, or rather the night. I disconnected the dishwasher and filled up his water bottle. I even gave him ice. That was entertaining. The ice wouldn't come out of the tray and I really put some muscle into it. BOOM! Crack! Ping! Ice popped up into the air, flipped and bounced. We both started laughing hysterically and ended up on the floor. Comical relief often comes when you least expect it.


We have two cats, and have had them since they were born. We owned the mama cat and never got her spayed. She would not leave the house, if we opened the door and pushed her out she would find a way to grab onto the door and stay inside. It just never occured to us that a male cat would break into our house. Of course that is what happened, twice in two days. Of course she was in heat at the time.

She was a tiny cat and was getting bigger. Then she passed the due date, a week went by and still no kittens. I could still feel them moving but was worried so I called the vet. The wanted to see her ASAP and so I bundled her up and off we went. She had to have a c-section. I never even thought of c-sections for cats. The kittens were so adorable, but Boomerang wanted nothing to do with them. So I had to feed them with a bottle. I had to play mama cat. Mama cats have a hard job.

Today those kittens are all grown up, my children have each claimed one and Boomerang went to another home. It was a decision I fought for the longest time and it was a decision my husband forced me to make. I regret it and miss my cat. Boomerang was mine and she was a wonderful pet and eventually became a wonderful Mommy.

These cats have somehow become indoor/outdoor cats. I tried to keep them indoors. But they were stubborn and now I have many torn screens because they were so determined to get outside. I really don't think they know that they are cats. They come when I call them, which is comical when I call them in at night. If they are not waiting by the door they come running. They even love to have their bellies rubbed.


We have a portable dishwasher, to use it there is an attachment that is screwed onto the kitchen faucet. We put it on the faucet when we moved in and I haven't really thought of it since. Lately when I have hooked up the dishwasher at night (I only run it at night because to run it has to move into the center of the kitchen next to the sink and the kitchen is really useless until it finishes.) it has been leaking from the faucet connection. I dreaded mentioning this to my husband, he didn't want the dishwasher and anytime we have a problem with something he doesn't like he has to throw into my face that I insisted on it and he didn't want it.

I have been staying awake while it runs and disconnecting it so water doesn't run all night. It was a pain but it worked. Tonight it was worse. I was sprayed when I turned the faucet on. No mater how I connected it water sprayed all over the place. How was I going to tell him about this? Could it be fixed? Then it dawned on me to check the screw on adapter that is connected to the faucet. Bingo! It was so lose that I think it might have almost been ready to fall off the faucet. I tightened it up and the leaking stopped. Why didn't I think of that before?


My son is obsessed with poker chips. Maybe it is because he has asperger's, obsessions are an indicator of asperger's. Over the years I have bought him many, many poker chips. You would think we poker chips all over, but they never seem to last. I wonder what he does to them over time. Eventually they start to disappear and he needs more.

He plays with them, he takes baths with them, he carries them in his pockets when he goes places. I have gone to toy stores with him and instead of picking a toy he will want me to buy him poker chips. He will save him own money to buy poker chips. I often wonder what people might think when they find out that he owns his own poker chips. He also is very territorial with them.
I find them all over the house and I confess that some have been sacrificed while I am cleaning. In the last six or seven years I have no idea how many poker chips we have bought but I don't think I am exaggerating when I say that it is in the thousands and not hundreds. I am sure in the years to come at least an equal amount if not more will be purchased for him.


I went to a Mother's Day brunch with my parents, grandma and brother's family today. It could have gone better. They keep trying to get me to back to church. They know I am a Pagan. I have been pretty clear about it. I think they would accept me being a lesbian better if that were true. They get so hurt when I tell them that I don't go to church. I suppose I could lie to them and tell them that I do, but Why come out of the broom closet if you are just going to back into it again?

They wanted me to go to church today, But I didn't. It makes me uncomfortable. I will go if I need to, like if I am invited to a wedding or if there is a funeral. I am an adult now and if I don't want to go to church then I am not going to.

I did go to brunch with them, even though I didn't want to. We all are members of the BPO of Elks. Yes I am an Elk. One of the lodges near us has a Mother's Day brunch. It used to be pay what you can and the food was pay what you can quality. Now there is a set fee for it, but the food still is pay what you can quality.

My parents are loyal and they always want to go to this brunch. Some years I cut them off at the pass and invite them elsewhere before they can bring up the brunch. This year they asked first, so I accepted. At least I get to spend time with the family. It almost makes up for the lousy food.

The menu was luke warm french toast, cold hashbrowns, scary looking corned beef hash, rubbery sausage, crumbly eggs, canned metal tasting fruit salad, bitter orange juice and warm cranberry juice. But my mom was happy, she got to go to the brunch she wanted and we supported one of the local Elk lodges.

Overall it was a nice Mother's Day. My children spoiled me, they even let me take a midday nap. My husband even gave me space so we didn't have any huge arguments. It was a bit random, but somedays are just like that.

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