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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Double the Beginnings

This is definitely a week of new beginnings for me. Over the weekend I started working on my Wood Badge in Boy Scouts. It will end up being close to an 18 month process. Today I went to Orientation for my graduate school program in elementary education. Oddly enough that will also take close to 18 months. So here I am starting two programs that take a lot of hard work and time consuming projects at the same time.

I have been made a member of the Bear Patrol in Wood Badge and have a wonderful group of patrol members who will be going through this process with me. We have quickly bonded and I know we will work well together on our Patrol project. We decided to do it on the history of Boy Scout Uniforms over the 100 years of Scouting. I am trilled that I found an author of a book on exactly that subject that I am in communication with. We have less than three weeks to get that project done.

It reminds me of the ACCEL Program that I went through to get my Undergrad degree. My study group was my lifeline through that time and they were the reason I made it through the program. We all made each other stronger. When one person needed help we were all there for them. I really find that learning with a team or cohort is the best way.

That is why I picked the graduate program that I did. It is cohort learning and I will be with the same group of people from beginning to end. So even though I am starting two intensive programs at the same time I know that I can handle it because I will have a good group of people around me in both programs. I met many of the people in the graduate program with me and found some fast friends.

Right now I know I should be feeling overwhelmed but I actually feel okay. Next week I get the syllabi from the classes so maybe it will kick in then. Oddly I find I thrive in situations like this. I have ideas buzzing through my head. I have a list of contacts I need to make and I am only one weekend into double the beginnings.

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