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Monday, August 17, 2009

My Time to Shine

This is my last week of ease. This weekend I start more Cub Scout Leader training. Woodbadge, two weekends of camping and 18 months of work. Then of course next week I start graduate school. What am I thinking starting two intensive programs at the same time? Then the week after that school starts for the kids. It is a new year, new school and new principal. That is a lot of new things for P all at once.

I have gathered most of the back to school items for the kids and now I have things I need to get for me. Including things I need for Woodbadge. I bought myself new sneakers for the first time in a few years. I need to buy binders and notebooks for me. I might even get some back to school clothes for me in the next few weeks.

It is hard to put myself in me mode after years of doing everything for the kids. This summer I bought myself some new shirts. I have to start classes at the same time both my children start new school. Hopefully seeing me face a new school at the same that they are will help them out. We all are starting at new schools at teh same time.

I hope my teachers will click with me and I hope P gets a teacher as good as last years teacher. Hopefully she will understand about asperger's and work with us. B I am not as worried about. She is going to be in the same building as her brother and she is so excited about that. She was a delight in nursery school according to her teachers. I have to think she will carry that into pre-kindergarten with her.

So my whole world is about to change, I signed up for the changes so I had better be able follow through with them all. I know I will be able to handle it. I have been preparing for this for years now. It is my time to shine.

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  1. Shine, make em' wonder what you got, make em' wish that they were not, on the outside looking bored!