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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Going to the Drive-In Movies

There is just one drive-in movie theater left in our area. Add to that the decrease of rated G movies or even PG movies that are okay for four year olds to see and the result is we just don't get to the drive-in movies that often. When I was growing up we went to the drive-in often and I always had a fun time there. Dad would carry me into the house when we got home. It is such a good memory from growing up that we want to share with our children.

Usually we can get there at least once every season. Last night was the night we managed to get there this season. We watched G-Force, which is a PG movie, but reviews made it seem okay for the kids to see. After that Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince was played. Since it started so late I thought the kids would be asleep by then.

Of course we got there before the movies started. The kids wanted to play in the playground and play miniature golf. I had badly twisted my ankle before we left so I waited in the car. The last thing I wanted to do was chase one or both of them around. My ankle was throbbing when I was just siting down minding my own business.

When it was almost time for the movie to begin the kids camped on top of our car. That didn't last too long because of course they took advantage of it.
Next they tried to sit on the hood. That might of worked if they had remembered I was in the car and would want to see the movies too.

When G-Force ended P went right to sleep. B however was stubborn and would not sleep. A couple times during the movie I made sure D carried her into the snack bar so she would not see the images o the screen. Especially near the end. She was still wide awake when we pulled out of the parking lot.

The rain held off until the end. As we left the lot the rain started. B finally fell asleep a few minutes after we left. Our excitement was not over yet, however. On the way home my husband decided to try a different way home. While on this route we came across a family of deer. They sprinted across the road and Dennis tried to stop. The last deer, luckily for our car a small deer, was clipped by the left front end of our car. It got up and ran away like nothing happened, we also continued on our way. I don't think we will be taking that route home from the Drive-In again. Bonus this encounter woke P up.

We finally made it home, No trace of our wildlife encounter was revealed when we looked over the car. P walked into the house and Daddy carried a finally sound asleep B to her bed. Our night at the Drive-In was over and we all went to sleep with smiles on our faces from our night of family fun.

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