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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tiny Fingers and the Car Door

D is taking both children to the pool for their swim lessons. I have a half hour of peace before I need to pick up B. I just settled down to watch some TV when I hear screaming. It is B and this is a OMG I am hurt kind of cry. D comes running into the house with her in his arms. She is screaming so loud that I am concerned something major happened to her. Somehow in the chaos I find out that P accidently shut the car door on B's fingers.

D gathers a few Band-Aids and we finally get a look at her hand. It isn't as bad as it sounds. She can move all her fingers and they all seem to be in one piece. He manages to get two bandages on the worst of it and B announces she is not going swimming. She clings onto me and won't let go.

I manage to get her to take some tylenol, I know from experience fingers in the door HURT. Then we snuggle on the bed. She is crying and obviously in pain. I cover her up in mommy's blanket and she is makes sure my arms are holding her tight. Somehow her eyes close and she drifts off into sleep.

Part of me wants to wake her up, because it is late and I want her to go to sleep at bedtime. Another part of me knows she needs that nap, the trauma of getting your fingers closed in a car door can be huge especially when you only have cute little fingers. All that crying exhausted her and well she is adorable when she sleeps.

Finally Daddy and P come home I find out that he finally put his face into the water and passed Swimming Level 1 (it only took two summers). Daddy put B into her bed we were hoping she would sleep through the night. Of course that didn't happen. When she woke up she was back to herself. She didn't baby her hand and was roughhousing with P as if nothing had happened.

At bedtime her fingers started to hurt so she got some more tylenol. I was right she of course is still awake and slowly trying to sneak around the house. She may have had a huge trauma today but she sure doesn't show it now. I bet she keeps her fingers far from car doors for a while now.

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