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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Off to Thailand

I am about to make a huge decision. Should I go to Thailand next summer? At orientation yesterday two of the professors spoke about a University led trip to Thailand. We would have to move our Multicultural Studies class from this semester to next summer and we would take that class while we tour schools and universities in Thailand. It is a three week trip and would cost more than the regular class of course.

I wasn't sure if I would even mention it to D. I thought he would refuse to let me be gone for three weeks. Especially with the issues we have been having. But both times I spoke to him about it he seemed fine with the idea. We both worry how the kids will react. I do worry about how I will be away from them for three weeks but I think I can handle it. I contacted my mom to see if she could help Den with the kids while I am gone. She said she would and encouraged me to sign up for the trip.

How can I pass up an opportunity like this? I can be pretty sure that a trip like this won't fall on my doorstep again. So tomorrow I go to the Financial Aid office to make sure I can get the money to pay for this trip. If I can then I am off to Thailand.

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