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Saturday, August 15, 2009

It's Not a Real Cow?

Today was our yearly trip to the Erie County Fair with the kids. I was all excited because I thought we would be able to milk a real cow. That is something I have wanted to do with the children for a long time.
NEW! Try milking a cow at the "Milkable Mabel's Stable."
I guess I should have paid more attention to the quotation marks. We found the stable and I was looking forward to the experience with the family. Well, Mabel was a large plastic cow with what looked like fingers from a rubber glove as the teets. I was so upset, especially since I had been talking about it so much with P and B.

Well, at least the pay one price for the fair rides was correct. For $26.00 both kids got three hours of riding any ride they wanted. It was comical to see them getting off a ride then they would circle around and get right back on it. Some of these rides were 4 or 5 tickets usually to ride. I figure with the amount of rides they went on we saved at least a hundred dollars. They had three hours of rides and still when 7 PM came and the ride special ended they were upset. They wanted to go on more rides. Daddy and I were worn out from all the rides. Chasing them around was exhausting.

B and I went on a last ride together on the big ferris wheel at the fair. I have never been so nervose on a ride before. There was no door, just a flimsy chain to keep us from falling out. B would lean forward ever so slowly and look down at the fairgrounds below. I was right there with my hands on her because if she leaned to far forward I am not sure if that would keep her from falling. Luckily she listened to my pleas and was extra careful. We both managed to walk off the ride with no real trauma, just some frazzled nerves for mommy,

Somehow in the middle of al this we managed to eat lunch, oddly this year we managed to all pick food from booths that were close together. B ate a whole corn-dog, she never eats that much. I was surprised by how much she ate. I had some BBQ ribs. Oh they were fantastic. I could have eaten double, but was good. Pizza was the rest of the clans choice. Somehow pizza at the fair always tastes better.

The sights, smells and sounds at the fair were as intoxicating as always - Italian sausage, chicken wings, sweet potato fries, ribbon fries, Chivetta's Chicken, ribs, onion rings, pizza, corn on the cob, tacos in a bag, funnel cakes, fried oreos, corn-dogs, and steamed clams. We saw people on stilts, cows, calfs and pigs, so many games and rides all over the place. Lights were flashing and people we walking all over the place. We heard people shouting "I Got It" including P. There was music from speakers all over the place from rides and games.

By the time we were ready to go home my feet ached and I had pains all over from lifting, chasing and keeping up with P and B. P chose ice cream as his snack, B picked corn on the cob. That's right corn for snack. She also put back a creme puff at a picnic once to pick up and eat broccoli. What can I say, my daughter loves her veggies. D had his traditional baked potato and I had my usual taco in a bag for the ride home.

My loot for the day was various spices, various maple sugar items, corn chowder mix, P and I got new "crocs. B had a new pink stuffed cat. D and I are going back just the two of us next week. Then we have a whole year to pass for our next trip to the fair. Though I still wish the cow had been real.

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