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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Happy Birthday My Baby Boy

Seven years ago I met you my sweet baby boy. I have such vivid memories of that night. When you first heard my voice you turned your head to find me. I couldn't wait to hold you. I was so jealous that your father got to hold you first. The agonizing few moments it took you to cry, I was so worried about you.

Today we celebrated that miracle event. You have been waiting anxiously for this day I think since the day you turned six. I remember when I was a child and the days leading up to my birthday seemed to go so slow and then the magic day came and it was over so fast. I think that happened to you today. I felt so bad that bedtime came and all you wanted to do was play with your new toys. I hated having to make you put them away.

My dear, P, tonight we snuggled and talked about your birth and how happy I am that you are my son. You sat on my lap and snuggled with me while we talked. It was such a nice way to end the day. You even let me give you a hug and kiss. I dread the day that I can't just sweep you up in my arms and hug and kiss you. Since you were a baby you would sometimes pull away from me, now I know that is because of the asperger's. Funny how somedays I get tons of kisses and hugs and somedays I am lucky to get a smile.

Now you are sleeping and I can't help but to watch you. I can see how much you have grown this year. I can see how you have matured when you are awake. You are growing up so fast and all I want to do is press pause so I can enjoy you as a child longer than I can. Today you are seven and you age growing up so fast. Having you in my life has made life so much better. I love you so much P and this year will be another wonderful year that we will celebrate. Happy Birthday my baby boy!!!

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