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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Case of the Missing Wallet

It is close to dinner time and I admit it I am in the mood for pizza. Not just any pizza I want a nice thin crust pizza with pepperoni and mushrooms. Only one pizzeria will do and I am so focused on my craving that I almost miss what is going on with Dennis. He is agitated and I when I do finally notice it I thought he just didn't want to spend the money.

I was wrong. He is frantically looking for his wallet. I then made the mistake of trying to help. I should know better when he is in this mood he is so focused on what he is doing he doesn't want the distraction of someone else butting in with help.

So now he is mad and frantic, not a good mix of emotions. I still try to help by finding a timeline hoping to narrow down the places that it could be. He lost it after swimming so I ask him where the towels and suits are. MAybe the wallet is there. WOW! He is not happy with the questions and he explodes. He yells and you can see the aggravation pouring off of him.

I decided to look in places he has been (but places he is not near at the moment). I need to look for it too. He has a lot of necessary cards and ID not to mention the money in it.

Finally he starts to calm down, he is accepting defeat. The wallet is just gone he announces and he walks over to where he left the towels. He puts his hand on the towels (remember I asked him about the towels a while ago) and looks down to see his wallet. It must have fallen when he put the towels down and it fell into a bin. The mystery is solved and I learned that I need to let him be in times like this. He is not going to change. He is loud and like a volcano when upset. You don't know what will trigger the explosion but eventually the pressure will build enough for him to erupt and then he calms back down again.

We did end getting the pizza I craved and he even apologized to me about how abrasive he was while looking for the wallet. Of course it helped that the wallet was where I originally suggested that he look for it. The rest of the evening was nice and we spent it together as a family.

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