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Sunday, July 12, 2009

She Does Not Like to Play Soccer

For months this last year our daughter announced that she wanted to play soccer. She was looking forward to being on the same team as her brother. Every time we signed P up for a team we had to tell her that she was too young. The crocodile tears would well up in her eyes and she would be inconsolable.

This year she was finally old enough. When I signed her up she jumped up and down and gave me a huge hug. She would practice her kicking skills in the back yard with her brother. She was so happy when she found out that she would be on the same team as her brother. When we got to her first practice she was literally jumping up and down from the excitement.

Well, that has all changed now. She might play one shift in a game now. She has no desire to play. If the weather is a bit chilly or uncomfortable she divas out on us and will mope, whine, and cry. She absolutely wants almost nothing to do with the game now.

Today she had to be picked up by Daddy (who was the substitute coach) and placed on the field for a couple shifts because they didn't have enough players. She would curl up into a ball on the field and just stay there until her shift was over. At times I was worried that the players would fall over her because she wouldn't move.

She did finally participate and might have even had some fun while she was playing.

Yes, she is a diva and no, we will not be signing her up for soccer again. Luckily she really seems to like her dance class. She showed up some of the steps she learned today. We have learned one thing for sure, she does not like playing soccer.

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