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Friday, July 31, 2009

My Night at the Beauty Salon

Last night I received the royal treatment from my children. We were all snuggled on my bed, watching tv and just having fun. First I picked up the brush I leave near my bed and to be funny brushed P's short hair. Both found this funny and soon we were all giggling loudly. Near the brush was a pink nail file. P saw it and picked it, he asked what it was.

I told him it was for my nails, like sandpaper on wood, this fixes rough spots on my nails. So naturally he then starts doing his nails. Oh I bit my tongue and watched him carefully check his nails and make sure they all were nice and smooth. B now had the brush and was brushing her hair. Then P asked if he could do my nails. B announced that she was going to do my hair. Oh oh I was in trouble now.

P is filing my nails one at a time and talking to me about his day. B is acting like a hair dresser and tilting my head just so, so she could style my hair. I had to look down and look to the side. P meanwhile moved on to my other hand and is really studying my nails. He announces that one nail is done and moves on to the next one.

B has moved to the other side of my head and I can feel my hair going in all sorts of directions. P now naturally moves on to my toes. I was not expecting that. Luckily he must have thought my toes needed less work because he zipped right through them. Both children proudly announced I was done. I praised their work and we all went back to snuggles and tv.

My nails are filed diagonally and flat. Not one was spared this fate. Before P went to bed he touched each and every nail and asked if I liked them and without telling a lie I proudly said that I did love them just the way they were. As I type this my nails still are diagonal and flat and they will stay like that for a while longer. I loved my night at the salon and couldn't ask for a better beauty treatment ever.

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