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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Penguin Feet

Peaking through the door to see what they are doing in class

Today my daughter started dance lessons and she is in love with them. I was so trilled that she wants to dance. I wanted to dance so much when I was a little girl and know I took many classes. I have seen the photos of me in the cutest costumes — bunnies and bears and a china doll. I just never was good at it. I would get my left and right mixed up and I found it hard to remember the choreography. So I am living vicariously through my daughter I guess.

I am being so good and making sure that I am not making her dance because I want her too. Daddy wanted P to play hockey and he has really focused on soccer instead. I had B in another class last year and she liked it but her eyes sparkled when she saw Irish Step Dancing so I found her a class in that. A sport is a sport and dancing is dancing. Of course B had to pick a dance style that has costumes that can cost in the thousands of dollars.

The first thing they learned was they need to have penguin feet. Heels together and feet turned outwards. B once she got home had to practice her penguin feet. She also showed her swim teacher and daddy and at least a half dozen people at the pool.

The first clue I had that she was liking the class is she participated in the class. When she plays soccer (she begged us to let her play soccer like her older brother) she puts her head down and refuses to participate. Her first game she wouldn't let go of daddy's hand and he ended up being on the field for part of the game.

The moms had to leave the room and B didn't reach for me or cry or freak out. She was perfectly okay at the lesson and she gladly participated. I know because I peaked. Some of the moms camped out in the hall outside of the room they had class in. We would take turns holding the door open a crack and spying on the girls. We even took a couple photos. The teacher caught us too, oops.

B was following the instructions to the letter. She was having so much fun and I was glad to see the biggest smile on her face when they started putting a couple steps together. She has homework this wee and I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot of dancing, listening to a lot of irish music and seeing a lot of penguin feet.

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