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Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Mommy Friends

I think if it wasn't for the internet I would be a quivering lump of jello by now. Even before I started this blog I have gotten amazing support from other moms over the internet. My Mommy friends have held me up wen I was sure I couldn't go on.

After I had my son I found two local Mommy groups and one was a perfect fit. I still am involved in that group eight years later. It's not all puppy dogs and rainbows. If you put a group of women together there will always be conflict. But there is also an amazing support structure.

Since then I have expanded to two local groups. There are some members that belong to both groups but overall the two groups have two different personalities. Even though the personalities change as the group continues over the years the main focus remains the same. They are safe place where a mom can go online and in some case in person to compare notes and stay sane.

The local groups have Moms Nights Outs, picnics and playdates. The children make friends and the moms not only gain friends they get a safety net. When one mom in a moms groups needs help the group always comes together with support.

I also belong to one international Moms group. We originally all were due in the same month in 2004. We shared pregnancy stories, birth stories and learned about life all over the world. We had tragedies and amazing things happen to all of us. We have survived from iVillage to our own sites. We have had group divisions and group bondings. Through it all many of us have stuck around to become the Hot Mama's. I have not met one member of this group in person but I would bend over backwards to help them when I can. If I ever did meet one and I wish I could meet them all I know we would great each other with the biggest bear hugs we could.

It is my "Mommy Friends" that help get me through the mundane and the insanity of my life. I may not be able to count on my husband but I can count on my fellow mommies. They support me and tell me nicely when I misstep. They are my extended family all over the world. My Mommy friends mean the world to me, thank you all for being there for me.


  1. They are a fantastic thing :) I belong to a similar group for the Imp's birth month in 2008, and we've been through everything, thick and thin. We've since moved from our original site to a group on Facebook, we've been able to be even more open than before, drawing us all closer. Keep on relying on them...they will continue to be there to support you :)

  2. So great to have that support - and I'm so glad that we've all stuck it out for so long together. Here's to another seven years! :)

    Cheers, Pip xx

  3. Hooray for moms and mom support! Did you really post this at 2 am like it says? Get some sleep!

  4. Sleep is a commodity that comes and goes. It seems to going more than coming lately.