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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Postcards From All Over

When my children where much younger, 4 and 2 I believe, I started having people all over the world send us postcards that pictured the area they lived in and they often where informative about the region it came from. We had postcards from many countries, states and provinces. We even got one from Mickey Mouse.

The kids loved going to the mailbox and finding mail for them. That alone made it worth while. We would find where the postcard came from on the map and read all about the area it came from.

I don't know why we stopped. It probably was a gradual thing and then it was gone. I stored all the postcards in a (clean) diaper wipe container. I don't even know if we still have it.

This summer will be a rough one and I don't want the children looking back on the summer of 2011 and only have blah memories. One of the moms in one of my Mommy groups recently started doing this for her children and of course I remembered when we did it. I talked to my children and they are very excited about doing this again.

My son wants a postcard from Antarctica, I am pretty sure they don't have postcards there but if they do I will find a way to get him one. My daughter didn't have a place of preference, she just is excited about getting mail.

Hopefully this project will make the summer a little more fun for them.


  1. I'd be happy to send a couple...I live in Lincoln, England. If you email your address to me at, I can post them next week.


  2. Melissa, thanks for sending us postcards from England. I emailed you the address. The kids are thrilled that they will be getting mail from another country!