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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Romantic Movies - After The Closing Credits

I love to watch romantic movies. It allows me to escape from the loveless world my marriage has become. But them I think, once upon a time we had the romantic movie. There was a time when for no reason while we grocery shopped that he just stopped and would give me hug. There was a time when he just looked at me I would melt.

So I wonder what happens after the closing credits? Do they live happily ever after like we hope they do? Maybe over the years they slowly drift apart and end up in seperate rooms of a house watching two tvs and not talking. Or like in my case maybe the guy ends up being too controlling and treats his leading lady like garbage. WHile t the same time cheating on her until he gets caught.

How often does the romantic movie stay romantic throughout the years? I like to think that my parents still get that mushy feeling after all these years. People I have seen get married through out my life are still together and seem to be happy to me. Of all my friends to get married I think I am the first one to start the divorce process. I think I am the only one who lost the happily ever after.

One of my friends has been married for 19 years. I believe she and her husband are a living romantic movie. Whenever I see them together I feel the love. Her gardens are to die for, just like you see in the movies. Her children are well behaved and are charitable. I am glad she is in my life. She keeps me believing in romance and happily ever after. It is because of her that I know I can find my happily ever after someday.

She is the one that I can reminisce with about the time we saw Footloose and had the most fun that we ever had at the movies. She is the one who emails me things to make me smile like "How to give a pill to a cat". We have been friends as long as I can remember and she keeps me grounded.

Her husband makes all husbands look ordinary at best. He is handy and works hard to keep their house in good repair. He is so handy that when they built an addition on their house he did most of the interior work. He is a leader in Boy Scouts and trims hedges. I too have known him for decades, and I am proud to call him a friend.

I have seen them hold hands on the beach as the waves caressed their toes. I have gone to Disney with them and had more fun than I thought was possible. We have gone through so much together that I couldn't imagine what life would be like without them.

I wonder what my movie looks like to them? They were with me every step of the way. I remember the first time she saw my husband. We had been dating for less than a month and went to a college astronomy club get together at a college owned camp. He looked absurd. He was wearing a red Hawaiian shirt and blue seat pants. When I showed her a photo of him at camp she called him on it. "What is he wearing?" she asked me. He did have shorts on under the ugly sweat pants that matched the outfit. It is funny that that moment stands out, was that were our movie began?

Well I am about to start rewriting my movie. It may not have a leading man in it for a while, but it will have a strong leading lady. Too my best friend in the universe thanks for being you. It is because of you that I have faith in myself that I can get through this and be strong while I do it. I hope everyone has a friend like mine.

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