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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Finally Some Job Interviews

I have had two job interviews in basically two days. I found out today that I didn't get the first job, and I am okay with that. They wanted someone in the infant room and I wanted a teaching position. Today however I had a wonderful interview for a pre-school lead teacher position. I think it went very well and when I was observed interacting and reading to the children they seemed to love me. All the children gave me hugs, that to me was a good sign. I was interviewed by two different people and I think I answered their questions well. I would have to move closer to the school and I am definitely okay with that.

My soon to be ex did not react well when he found out how far away this position was. Oddly when I checked the milage it is about as far away as his job is and that isn't a problem. He already was in a bad mood because we had to give the car back to my brother. They don't have a car for a few days and even though our car is near the end of its life it still runs. It made sense to give them back the car for a couple of days until they too had reliable transportation. Then he must be realizing that an option I have since I want a divorce is to move. It is a free feeling to know I can apply anywhere for a job and move closer to the job once I am hired.

He starts to tell me that he isn't telling me no I can't take the job (Like I would let him have that power over me anymore?) but I probably shouldn't. I do understand how he doesn't seem to understand that there is no we anymore. Sometimes I have a hard time with it. There are long stretches of time that I can almost believe things might be okay, then he acts like himself again and I remember. I know he is trying to control what job I accept and where I work.

The facility is beautiful and in a country setting. The interior is pristine and calm. The classrooms are open and designed for the children to be able to move around comfortably. No other classrooms I have ever seen have been this open. They also have a the entrance designed to provide the children with a safe secure environment. So please wish me luck and send some positive energy that I get this job.

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