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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Postcard from Singapore

I have been looking forward to receiving this postcard. Recently I watched a television show on Discovery, Learning or a similar channel on how they were working on a fresh water shortage. They were building a threefold system to reclaim the freshwater that was available to them. One step was a desalination plant, another was filtering waste water to the point that it was able to be safe for consumption. and the third was making Marina Bay into a freshwater reservoir. It was fascinating and I was wondering if the Singapore postcard would mention any of it.

I loved that the children who sent this to us included a lot of information about what was pictured on the card. My children had fun finding the objects on the front of the card that were described on the back. The only thing was we never did find out what the two mesh like buildings were in the bottom right of the postcard. I'll have to research that tonight so I can let the kids know in the morning. The coolest thing was the pool at the top of the three tall buildings in the top middle of the postcard. I love how architects think. It never would have occurred to me to connect three buildings at the top with a swimming pool. Maybe someday I will get a chance to go there and see it for myself.

The most interesting thing about the places pictured on the postcard was that when we looked for them on Google Maps they were for the most part not there. Some of them were labeled but visibly absent from the map. The most noticeable invisible landmark was the singapore flyer. If you look neat the top left (near the blue pin) you will see it labeled and a dot representing where it is, but there is no flyer in sight. Now I suppose they could be some very tall trees but I suspect instead of updating the image they just added where the Singapore Flyer would be on the map if it was actually on the map. Too bad, I was really looking forward to seeing it from the satellite image.

The kids are really good at identifying local landmarks and geographical locations. I am going to have to start identifying new things as we start our journey to where our postcards come. Maybe next time I will have them pick a place they would be interested in seeing as a starting point. My daughter tonight asked to see Disney World on Google Maps and we found it, it isn't as impressive from above. I wonder where they will want to start from?

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