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Friday, July 22, 2011

A Postcard, A Heat Wave and A Job Interview Oh My!

Today as we came back from fixing the flat tire on my new (used) car, that I just got in the morning at 7am, the mail poured out my door. My son quickly spotted a postcard. To give you an idea of how excited he is to receive the postcards he didn't even notice the package that landed at my feet. It was from Louisiana, but the sender didn't write anything on it. So I had to do some research on the state before bedtime so I could tell them something about it.

I focused on Katrina and New Orleans. We talked about how the city was actually lower than sea level and they build levees around the city to help keep the water out. We found Louisiana on the map and zoomed in on New Orleans. We watched videos of what happened after Katrina and tied it in to some of the TV shows they have seen where people helped rebuild some of the houses. They were amazed at the photos of the flooding and we talked about what a hurricane is.

P had a bit of an idea of what a hurricane was, but didn't understand how large they are and how they work. He thought the eye did all the damage. We looked at photos of hurricanes taken from space and paid attention to how big they were compared with states. We watched videos of what it was like to be in a hurricane and talked about how dangerous they could be.

When I told them they usually form in the tropics where it it is hot and the water is very warm he did get concerned. Where we are like in many areas of the country we are under a "Dome of Heat". Now compared with temperatures found in the tropics or states that in the southern or south western parts of the United States this is nothing. But to a little boy who doesn't adapt very well to change this is HOT!!!

First thing in the morning he used to want to go outside and play. Now both my children camp on the couch fighting to be closest to the air conditioner. When he has had enough of inside and has tortured his sister enough he plays outside. We don't have a pool, but do we have a sprinkler, basically a hose with small holes poked in it. That isn't good enough for him in this weather. He turns the regular hose on sits in the backyard. Then he just puts it over his head and has a cold shower in the backyard. Too bad my camera was charging when he was doing this.

I have my clothes picked out for my job interview tomorrow. I have a portfolio made of my lessons that I have taught. I have my route picked out and now I have a car to get me there. I dread putting on nylons and pray that my hair still looks okay by the time I get there. I almost want to just get there early and find a close place to style my hair for the interview. Now I am starting to get the butterflies and I hope that I can manage to get some sleep tonight.

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  1. Ahhh~ That feeling when the day of the interview gets closer and closer. I hope that you kept it simple enough so that the interviewer had a good impression of you.