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Thursday, July 7, 2011

More Postcards and One From Long Ago

After the excitement of the fireworks the postman brought us some postcards from a friend. It did take a day to get them because Daddy didn't tell us that we got mail. Luckily Mommy is always on the prowl for mail so I found them within a day of receiving them. One of these days we will have a central place for our mail. The first postcard showed an image of the Kennedy Compound from an aerial view. My son immediately made the connection between the family name and President John F. Kennedy. We used Google maps to find it and even managed to find the compound on the map.

My friend Kim, from one of my Mommy Groups, also sent us a postcard picturing the state of New Hampshire. This postcard was wonderful. Finding New Hampshire on the map wasn't too difficult. The kids seem to be understanding what boundary lines are. The postcard gave us some information about the state. We talked about the state bird, animal, flower, flag, shield, capitol, nickname and when it was admitted to the Union. There was some silliness occurring at this time. I'm not sure why but the state bird which is a Purple Finch was hysterical and the state flower, Purple Lilacs was equally funny. Who knew purple could be so comical?

When cleaning his room my son had found a postcard that his Grammy had sent him from Curacao. Unlike our other postcards the image on this one is not a photograph of a place. Instead it is a painting done by Nicole Vetter. It shows quaint looking homes painted in bright colors. Because there is no other information on the card other than it was warm I can only assume this is how the houses are painted on this island. I know that some places do paint their homes in beautiful bright colors. We will have to do some research and find out. We would have tonight but because purple was so funny I decided to wait on it.

We did find all these places on the map and we are learning to navigate quite easily in Google Maps. I even found a way to place pins to show where we received postcards from. By only using Google Maps and being able to place pins as we find the locations is going to make this a much easier project and something the children will be able to easily use.

I wonder where our next windows on the world will come from. The best thing about exploring the world through postcards is that there are so many different postcards out there for places all over the world. Even if we get postcards from the same place the odds are that the images on them and the information they contain are different. It also is a nice project to do together as a family.

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