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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Postcards From Rochester, New York

What a glorious day, not only was my soon to be ex not home for most of the day, but we had fantastic pizza and the mailman brought us two postcards from Rochester, New York. I have to say that Rochester is one place that we have received postcards from that we have all actually been to. We love to visit the Strong Museum of Play and the Strasenburgh Planetarium at the Rochester Museum of Science. Yet even though these postcards were from a familiar location both children were thrilled once again to get their own mail.

First P and I sat together and he read his postcard. He accepted Aunt Diane's challenge and found Rochester on the map no problem. Then we looked for one of the places pictured on the postcard. That was a bit more tricky and we had to result to typing Sodus Point Lighthouse into the search bar. It was a bit outside of Rochester, more than I expected but we found it and put a virtual pin in it.

B and I explored her postcard next. We did a different approach than usual one. Usually we go over names of different geographical places like lakes or islands. Today we followed roads and highways to Rochester. I knew a girl who even into teenage years didn't know the names of local streets or how to get from point A to point B. Since then I make sure my children know the local streets and roads by name. We live near a highway so we just virtually went on the highway and found our way to Rochester. My daughter did a pretty good job with directions and found Rochester again with no problem.

I loved that Aunt Diane mentioned the two different types of flour/flower. She spelled each one and we talked about how they were different. The pin for this postcard we put on the map at Seabreeze Amusement Park. The roller coaster on the front of the postcard was from there. She loved looking for the amusement park on the map and we even found High Falls in the center of Rochester.

Daddy eventually came home and instantly the stress level in the house increased. Of course he was upset that I spent the money he gave me today for food. The horror, I actually bought food with it, how dare I? Since we couldn't go to the drive in movie we watched a late movie snuggled together on the couch as daddy snored. I wonder where our next postcards will take us?

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