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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Rain at Last - From Two Perspectives

I went for a walk tonight alone. Let me say that again, I was ALONE! No children slowing me down, I did not once have to tell anyone to be quiet. I also didn't have to deal with any arguing. It was wonderful. The best part was the light drizzle that fell off and on while I walked almost 3 miles. We have been in a heat wave. Heat that has lasted long enough to buckle one of our highways. To me that is a sign that it has been hot for too long. I honestly don't know when it rained last. I know in the spring we had so much rain that our backyard was more like a swamp. Now we have patches of brown grass despite my children endlessly playing with the running hose and sprinkler everyday.

On the way back, just steps away from my house I bumped into one of my neighbors. Her son had a birthday party earlier in the day and my son and daughter were there. B came home and the boys had a sleepover in a tent in her backyard. My neighbor and I talked and enjoyed the cool breeze. It was a about 1:30 am and she told me the boys had finally gone to sleep at midnight. P had a blast and was very well behaved. We both mentioned how we wished it would really rain. The drizzle was nice but we really needed a good soaking rain. We got what we wished for sooner than we thought.

I said goodnight to her and finally went home. I had walked almost 3 miles in less than an hour, I was ready to call it a night. We (my husband and I) had watched our TV shows earlier. I don't even know why we watch America's Got Talent together anymore. He is more like Piers and I am more like Sharon and Howie. He get so upset when anyone appears to be a homosexual, I just get upset if the act is awful. Seriously what does it matter if they are straight, gay, or transgendered. It is a talent show. I loved that the male pole dancer made it through, he was so upset and almost offended. He was asleep on the couch and I took my laptop upstairs to bed. Just then the rain started. It was a glorious sound and the breeze was wonderful. I woke him up to tell him that it was raining and it was possible that P would come home during the night because of the rain.

I was right. As soon as I got settled upstairs I heard the door open and close. My son was soaked to the skin and so upset. From what I gathered the tent leaked and his pillow and blanket were wet. If a pillow of mine can't be used or even a blanket I can use another one. He however is particular. He has a specific blanket and pillow that he uses. He knows the difference between them and look a likes. I am sure it is the aspie in him. We managed to find him substitutes and promised his blanket and pillow would be ready for him in the morning.

To me the rain was a relief to him the rain interrupted his sleepover and made his night a disaster. The temperature tonight when I walked was in the 80's now it is in the low 70's. I made myself a nice cool glass of ice tea and enjoyed a comfortable temperature to sleep in for the first time in weeks. For P I made a cup of hot chocolate and a hot bath. He needed hugs and kisses. Of course in all the madness B woke up and as I type this is lying on my back. She is amazed that I am typing all of this so quickly. I need her to sleep so I can sleep. I am pick them up an art easel in the morning. I love freecycler. I hope it is in good shape, this will give them each a way to color and paint, hopefully keeping it off my walls and ceiling.

The rain has finally stopped and the breeze is still cool. I am trilled that it rained and my son is still very sad. We both experienced the same rain, just two houses apart. Two points of view and two very different stories.

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