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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bedtime - Snuggles, Cuddles, Tears, Fears and Surprises


There are days I find myself just loving being a mommy. At bedtime I snuggle with each child individually and talk about the days events. Somedays they snuggle more than other's. Today was a snugly day. Oh I treasure those days! I read to my daughter and she interacts with me and the book. She snuggles up next to me and gives me a huge hug. She always tells me the best thing about her day is going to school. I wonder how she will react next week when it sinks in that she will not see her teacher again.

My son is next. Usually he barely interacts with me at bedtime. The day takes its toll on him and he has no attention span by bedtime. Sometimes though he picks a book for me to read and actually pays attention. We snuggle and looked through a catalog and found things he wants for his birthday. Sometimes we have such a good time looking through the catalog that I almost don't want to send him to bed. Almost!

Oh these special nights where the world is just me and my children. I could just disappear into a world like that. To bad it doesn't last. Once we send them to bed the restlessness is now all we can focus on. The many tries they use to get our attention. The excuses they come up with. The banging, crying and sometimes screaming drive us up the wall. Often there is laughter and giggles that just won't stop.

We also have our share of monsters, luckily I have monster repellant at hand. Sometimes those pesky imaginary friends come to visit. Then there are the times the cat has invaded, through a wide open door that the children refuse to close. The excuses the children come up with show that they are much to smart. I am never surprised by whatever concoction they come up with to explain why they are not going to sleep.

Then of course those rare nights where they both just fall asleep quickly. We usually are surprised by those nights. Oh and we treasure them. Those are the nights when mommy and daddy can snuggle and cuddle. Those are the nights the wine comes out and a tv show that we both enjoy is shared. Those are the nights when we can reconnect and bond again. Those are the nights that work to repair our togetherness. Unfortunately tonight is not one of those nights.

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