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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

How Different They Are From Each Other


We took P to the driving range this week. He has always wanted to go and it just hadn't happened before. Well, it turns out that he is quite good at hitting that little dimpled white ball. This is yet another sport that he is good at; Hockey, Baseball, Bowling, Soccer and now Golf.

His father is so proud, I'll admit that I am too. He really seems to have a talent for any sport that he tries. I love watching the joy on his face as he is participating in any sport. Tonight he had a soccer game and managed to get six goals. In four games he has scored twenty goals. He even is playing defense and keeping the other team from scoring.

B tries to love the sports. She participates and gives it a good try but her passion lies elsewhere. When we bowl she starts out okay and will decide to stop bowling somewhere in the middle of a game. She is on the soccer team too and today was the first game she managed to play on her own. Usually she latches on to daddy and won't let go.

Today she wanted to go to the driving range with P. She tried and just isn't coordinated enough for it yet. So she entertained herself as only she can do.


She is our Diva. When the camera is out she wants photos taken of her in various poses. She is like this at four, I can't even imagine what she will be like in her teen years.


It is amazing how different two children can be when they are growing up in the same environment. P is all about the sports and B is all about the glamour. Mommy however is all about the love.

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