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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Memories to Save

Today like always I opened up my son's backpack when he got home from school. I pulled out his folder and since it is the end of the year I never know what I will find in it. Yesterday it was his art smock (daddy's old t-shirt) today it was his yearbook and two awards that he earned.

He has been in this school for two years and has not earned any of these awards before. I had know about them but I guess I had forgotten about them because he just never won them during any other month. The awards are given out every months and there are two or three different kinds. I however didn't know they also had awards for academics.

The first one I saw was pink (you would think they would have found a different color since pink is associated with girls or girly things) and said he had outstanding achievement in science (mommy's favorite school subject). Last month he has a science test that he had a perfect score on. Of course one of the topics the test covered was basic astronomy, another of mommy's favorites.

The second one was a Citizenship award — for being a good role model for other students at the school. I am ashamed to say that the thought of my son getting this award never crossed my mind. Though now that he has earned it I am very proud of him. He is a good role model. That is definitely worthy of an award.

I can only assume the meds helped him earn these. He can pay attention better at school so his academics has improved. Other children have seen the change in his behavior. I know the teachers and Principal have noticed the difference in his behavior.

I have the certificates (and his yearbook) in a safe place right now. I will add them to his school scrapbook. These are definitely memories I want to save.

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