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Saturday, June 6, 2009

When it Rains it Pours

How come it always seems like when one bad thing happens another one seems to follow quickly on its heals. Yesterday Dennis lost his job and today the brakes on my car failed. At least I managed to steer the car away from the possible accident I was sure would happen.

I was driving home from a couple errands I had to run when I saw the car in front of me stop. I stepped on the brake and my foot went down to the floor. Nothing happened! I saw the car in front of me getting much closer and all I could think about was my daughter in the back seat. I didn't want her hurt. In a split second I saw a way to swerve to the right and around the quickly approaching car in front of me. The tires of my car screeched and finally my car came to a rest, next to but well in front of the back of the car that was originally in front of me. Had I not been able to swerve around it I would have certainly collided with it.

When I tried to drive and stop the car again I noticed that the brakes just were not working correctly. Luckily I was near the garage we take our cars to get repaired. I slowly made my way to the garage and Dennis came to meet me. I guess it was a good thing that he wasn't working today.

Now I know from the mechanic that the brake line was so corroded that it broke open. The second one was pretty bad too and also needed to be replaced. I have no idea why but Dennis only authorized the repair of the broken one. I had to explain to him that I wasn't going to drive a car that could have the brakes fail while I was driving and that both brake lines would have to be replaced. He eventually saw the wisdom in replacing both lines.

So the repair will cost $500.00 and we are so thankful for that severance package. We will manage to get through the summer. He will eventually get another job. I just wish we could catch a break and have something good happen to us soon. I am tired of being under the rain clouds.

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