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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Victory and Defeat

Why whenever we are on a good streak does it come to a screeching halt? Maybe I am just overly sensitive, but I am so mad right now.

For over a year I have been searching for a specific table and bench set for our kitchen. I look on craigs list at least once or twice a week for it and have found them for sale between $200 and $500. Yesterday I found it for under $75.00. Not only that but today we had the money. All our bills are paid and things are looking good. Well, except for the no job thing. We are in a better financial state than we have been in a long time.

We go to look at the table and he before we even get there tells me it is probably a pice of junk. OMG, we haven't even seen it and already he is negative. I asked him to please hold judgement until we see the table. We get there and I sit down on a nice steady stable bench. The table isn't great but the bench is in perfect shape. It is what I needed the most. I would have bought a bench separately if I found it for sale.

He looks at me and signals that it worth the money and so I agree to buy it. We go to my brother's house because he is going to help us move it and nothing indicates that he is upset about the deal. As far as I know everything is fine, no problems or complaints.

Well, after he and my brother move it and the boys talk about the price, they decide it is no longer a good deal and now it is my fault for pressuring him into agreeing to buy it. This really irritates me and of course we end up having a huge fight. I hate when he does this too me. It is a constant pattern and you would think that I would expect it, but it always surprises me and it always infuriates me.

Not that I need permission to spend money but we always talk about large price items together before we buy them. When it is something he wants — usually sports tickets — we talk about it and agree to it, he buys the tickets and everything is fine. When I want something — usually for the house or kids — we talk about and I thick we agree and are on the same page. I then go ahead and buy it then after I buy it he gets mad that I spent too much money and he never needs things for him. I am to materialistic. I am irresponsible with money and the only reason he let me spend the money was to avoid and argument. This of course results in a huge argument because I feel betrayed and hurt by his words and actions.

Today was no different, though I thought I had worked my way around the usual problems. I am so hurt by this, I wish I could get him to see it from my point of view.

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