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Sunday, June 21, 2009

School is in Session

Science Illustration

I overhear my children playing today. They are playing school and my son is the teacher.

"Class today we are going to learn the difference between 1 and -1. 1 is one number above zero and -1 is one number under zero."

Wow he is just finishing first grade. I know I didn't learn about negative numbers this early when I went to school. He then continued on to 2 and -2. He really seems to understand the concept and I love that he is trying to explain it to my four year old.

Next he announces that it is time for science. He then draws on the board a science experiment they did in school a couple months ago when they made clouds in a jar. I posted the picture above. The jar has water in it at the bottom and a metal (pink) lid. On top of the lid are two (blue) ice cubes. Inside the jar you can see a cloud forming.

Now they are having recess in the back yard. Then of course it is lunch time (actually dinner, but who is counting).

He is excited that I am going back to school to be a teacher. I remember playing teacher as a child and my younger brother or my dolls were my students. The cycle is repeating and it makes my day.

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