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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Walking With Dinosaurs Part I

My mom called me tonight and offered my family a dream come true. Okay it may not be a huge dream but it is a dream none the less. She is taking us to see "Walking With Dinosaurs". As soon as I heard that it was coming to my area I have been trying to justify the cost. After Dennis lost his job I just put the thought out of my mind.

It was so hard to see the commercials and her the pleas of the children to go see the show. Tonight I got to tell them that we are going. I don't know which day yet or what time, but hey our schedule is pretty open right now. It also gives us something to look forward to.

Now I have to use the time between now and when we go to prepare the kids for loud large dinosaurs. How do you prepare them for something that you haven't even experienced? I expect that we will be doing laps around the arena a few times.

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