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Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Graduate

Something good did happen today. My baby girl had her graduation from nursery school. She was so proud of herself too. Please click on the title to see a video clip.

Introducing Brianna Rose Gore
Brace yourself there will be lots of photos, I am one of those mommies that takes photos of almost everything. The graduation started with the typical graduation march. The children walked into the room one at a time and most of them were all smiles. B did her typical smile with head tilted. Oh she is just too cute!

Walking in
They did the Pledge of Allegiance. The flag was small and off to the side so some of the kids were facing one direction, others faced a different way and then others were looking at a different place. I totally understand, I had a hard time finding the flag. In fact most of the parents were looking at the graduates and I might have been one of the few facing the flag. I guess Cub Scouts is rubbing off on me.

Her teacher read a beautiful poem called the ABC Farewell. The children had sound-effects or songs to sing at certain points of the poem. This was the best part, some children would sing, some would do the motions. They skipped a letter and had to go back. It was priceless.

The children had songs specifically for Daddy and Mommy and the best was the Pizza Song. They all really enjoyed singing that song and they had the hand motions down pretty well too.

She received her diploma from her beloved teacher, she even shook her teachers hand when she was handed the diploma.

Getting her Diploma
I really don't think it sank in that she was not going to see her friends again or her teachers either. She is really attached to all three of her teachers and loves going to school so much. Next week will be interesting. Maybe it will help with Daddy being home more,

Brianna and all Three of Her Teachers
Her teachers gave her a bucket, sidewalk chalk and bubbles as a gift and I received a great yearbook style scrapbook. It is a nice review of the year and lets me see some things I missed like Thanksgiving and St. Patrick's Day. Next year she starts pre-Kindergarten at our local elementary school. She knows she will be going to the same school as her big brother and she is all excited about that.


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